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Originally designed banners from Bannerzrus

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind artistic banners. Each one designed by the BRU Crew.
If you would like us to customize your banner or if you would like a webset designed from a banner theme, please visit our CUSTOM DESIGN page.

We donate a portion of our funds to animal welfare organizationsHelp keep this site open. If using our designs for commercial sites, profit based sites, or auction sites, or if you would like to become a sponsor, please make a small donation. For more donation information, click here. Thank you!
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Horizontally Seamless Title/Header or Footer Banners (works with ALL wide widths)

Tower (180 wide x 300 height) Tower (125 wide x 400 height)

Animated Flash Banners (Samples)

Title/Header Banners (800 wide x 100 height ((plus or minus ))

Link Banners/Buttons (88 wide x 31 height)

Blinkies Glass Metal Mini
Sunsets Sky Stone Wood

Fractal Design Banners

Animals Garden Skylines Tropical

Micro Banners/User Bars

Blues Browns Grays Greens
Pastels Purples Reds Yellows

Astrology Designs Jumbos Landscapes Shapes

Computer Tech Dolphins Kaleidoscope Teddy Bears

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